House of Fraser


The House of Fraser brand is differentiated from other department store groups by their 160 year history in the UK retail market, their wide geographic reach (across the UK and online), broad range of high quality premium branded merchandise offered at competitive prices, increasing exclusive house brand offerings and their commitment to providing an imaginative, exciting and relevant shopping experience for their customers. House of Fraser was latterly named by the retail press as the House of Brands.


House Fraser had a range of store solutions implemented, from traditional intranet, email, online forms, survey monkey etc. The issues for House of Fraser were four fold, (i) a myriad of disparate systems for the stores to use, with no integration or collaboration between them, (ii) an email culture that has no controls or compliance notification, (iii) separate communication systems between the department stores and head office functions and (iv) a lack of visibility of task requirement in the outlets, task compliance and task cost.

House of Fraser wanted to provide a single application/window for all personnel, be they head office or department store based. A solution that provided integrated and controlled messaging, task management and compliance, a single communication engine, all based on the employee role and location. Their objective was to have a single heartbeat for the organisation, and hence PULSE was born.


House of Fraser implemented Metro Unified Comms and Process modules to deliver targeted, personalised and timely communications to all its stores in the UK and Ireland. As well as enabling effective communications the solution would support key business processes such as the ordering of goods not for resale, accident and incident management/reporting and the delivery of key business performance information to the individual outlets. House of Fraser, using their implementation called ‘PULSE’, acts as the window/gateway to all applications required within the organisation.

  • Vertical – Department Store
  • Employees – 7,300 House of Fraser Staff, 12,000 Concession Staff
  • Stores – 61 across the UK & Ireland


  • Deliver targeted and personalised communication
  • React tactically to market conditions
  • Single source of operational communication
  • Task Management and compliance
  • Accident and Incident Management and Reporting
  • Automated Business Reporting
  • Gather information from every store quickly and easily
  • Replacement of email client with the RMS Messaging module


  • More shop floor time for store managers
  • Less time spent on administration and enables focus on value-add activities
  • Targeted release of business information and reporting on a timely basis
  • Complete visibility and management of in-store accident and incidents
  • Full auditability and compliance reporting for key store tasks
  • Controlled messaging/mail facilities – addressing the elastic wall syndrome
  • A single application portal for application needs

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