Breakout Sessions – Metro Forum 2022

There will be three interactive breakout sessions during Metro Forum 2022, each with 3 topics to choose from:

  • Breakout Session 1
    • Group a) Metro Apps
    • Group b) Metro Print
    • Group c) Metro People
  • Breakout Session 2
    • Group a) Metro Activity Planner
    • Group b) Metro Help Desk
    • Group c) Metro Messaging
  • Breakout Session 3
    • Group a) Metro Quick Wins
    • Group b) Metro Data
    • Group c) Metro Apps

Each of these topics will be presented in a different location within Castle Malwood, therefore, in order to balance numbers and ensure the best-sized location is used for each, please indicate which topic you would like to attend for each session by selecting it from the dropdown menus below – for example, if for Breakout Session 1 you want to attend topic A on Metro Apps, select this from the dropdown. Once you have made selections for all three sessions press the submit button.


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